Pre-conference Workshop Day: Monday, 3 April 2017

Workshop A

09:00 AM - 11:30 AM Retrofitting Existing Research Facilities to Improve Sustainability and Energy Performance

In today’s competitive environment, it is vital that facilities are both sustainable in the long term as well as energy efficient. Unlike other types of buildings, research facilities due to the nature of the work carried out; use roughly five times as much energy and water as a standard office building. This interactive workshop will look at ways of improving sustainability and the facilities energy performance and will help facilitate a discussion among the participants.
  • Reducing resource utilization, improving interior environments and saving capital costs through environmentally conscious design
  • Improving long term data management
  • Incorporating ideas of resiliency and sustainability in design through day lighting, energy conservation, natural ventilation, eff ective use of the building envelope and modern features

Workshop B

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Measures to Enable Effective Stakeholder Communication During the Design and Delivery Process

The design and development process for a research facility is an extensive and costly process but hosts a large payoff if delivered successfully. A key factor that correlates with this success is the eff ective liaising between all key stakeholders, not limited to the design team, end users, 3rd party assessors and the university itself. As such, this workshop will focus on tools and methods to aid in transparency between all parties, clear forms of communication and collaborative forms of problem solving.
  • Understanding the dialogue between technical and non technical parties
  • Engaging high level management and faculty deans and bringing them on the journey to recognize the value of the process
  • Ensuring cohesiveness when partnering or forming alliances with companies and addressing confl icting demands

Workshop C

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM Evaluating Existing Spaces and Translating Key Learnings into Future Developments

David Coomber, Research Support Strategy Manager, University of New South Wales
Eff ective strategies to manage and maintain facilities in a cost effective way is critical to the overall functioning and value of the research asset. Achieving peak efficiency should be a goal of every Facility Manager. Careful choices in design, equipment and working practices should have provided the potential for sustainable working environments that meet research needs.

Keeping pace with compliance, advances in technology as well as evolving research needs is critical but sustainability and better working conditions i.e. natural daylight and ventilation, are major factors for the future. Join us to understand how energy consumption can be reduced and a high quality environment, that compromises neither safety nor performance, can be maintained.

Key areas to be covered are:
  • Strategies for cost savings
  • Facility equipment
  • Sustainability and management practices

David Coomber

Research Support Strategy Manager
University of New South Wales

Workshop D

5:00 PM - 11:59 PM Improving Space Utilization Through Effective and Innovative Design Approach

Milos Milutinovic, Senior Associate, Woods Bagot
There are numerous elements that comprise planning, programming, design, and eff ective knowledge of research facilities. If you are directly involved in the planning and design phase you need to understand the latest standards, processes and considerations that can have a critical impact on your facility. Similarly, you must take into account factors such as technology, space planning and structural layout to allow for a facility that fosters research and collaboration.

Key areas to be covered are:
  • Flexible and collaborative research environments
  • Research facilities – designing for people and not just processes
  • Space benchmarking to assess how to maximize the use of existing infrastructure
  • Developing more efficiency and effective layouts through retrofitting

Milos Milutinovic

Senior Associate
Woods Bagot