30 April - 01 May, 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Professor Paul Burton

Professor of Urban Management and Planning Sir Samuel Griffith Centre,
Griffith University

9:50 AM CASE STUDY: The Greenest in the World!

“It’s off the grid!” The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre is an innovative 6 green star rated research facility and showcases as a practical solution to today’s environmental issues. The $40 million building epitomizes Griffith University as one of Australia’s leading environmental universities and relies entirely on photovoltaic arrays and hydrogen technologies to keep it off the power grid. Not only is it covered by 1,124 solar panels, one of the key spatial elements of the center are its ventilated glazed rain shields to boost visual connectivity between collaboration zones.

  • Where did this concept derive from?
  • Just how green is the solar power, hydrogen power, water harvesting and construction materials
  • Traditional labs were not designed to be green- assessing suitability vs standards requirements from each disciplines
  • Evaluating the cost saving by going green! Is It really working?

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